Are you ready for a fun fitness program that will help you to achieve your goals?

You will have a blast with our Zumba & Pound Fitness classes. Our members love the fast pace high energy fun classes we offer. That is why we are everyone's favorite place for fitness.

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This is WHY we are the LEADERS in fitness in Rome NY:

The Pound / Zumba Fitness classes  fuse high intensity training concepts with electrifying fitness exercises into cool new hip fitness that will make you feel like a Rock star in and outside your body. Register for our amazing fitness program that is so much fun and the best part is anyone can do it! Let us help you to reach your fitness goals.

We are the BEST choice for an Adult Fitness Classes in Rome, New York!

  • It can be adapted for all levels of fitness
  • It is a time efficient workout
  • It maximizes caloric expenditure
  • It improves overall fitness levels
  • Reduce Stress
  • It is a Ton of Fun!

Both our Zumba and Pound classes are designed to rock your world with fresh and effective way to blast your cardio.


If you are like most people, you want a fun workout that challenges you to reach your fitness goals. BUT after time things get boring and old, that is why we took our zumba and pound programs and combined them so you can do BOTH. Why pay for two different programs when you can get both... NO one has done this before and we want to be the first to give you the best workout period. You can take unlimited classes per week zumba or pound your choice.

Are fitness classes are a total body workout that will challenge you to reach your fitness goals. Best part is ANYONE can do it and did I mention its fun. This is a fitness program like no other in the area! When you sign up you can take unlimited classes whether it is Zumba or Pound get READY for a amazing workout!

NOW is the time to make the RIGHT choice for your fitness goals, call us at (315) 339-3928 to get started on building a healthier you!!!!!!!