Vehicle Safety Tips

Crime statistics show that one vehicle is stolen every 20 seconds in the North America. Stolen cars, vans, trucks, and motorcycles cost victims time and money – and increase everyone’s insurance premiums. They’re also often used to commit other crimes.

Basic Prevention

  • Never leave your keys in the car or ignition.

  • Always lock your car, even if it’s in front of your home.

  • Copy your tag number and vehicle identification number (VIN) on a card and keep them with your driver’s license. Keep the registration with you, not in the car.

  • Keep the keys to your home and car separate.

  • Keep your car in good running condition. Make sure there’s enough gas to get there and back.

  • Avoid parking in isolated areas with little foot or auto traffic and poor lighting. Be especially alert in un-staffed lots and enclosed parking garages.

  • When possible back into the parking spot so you can have a better view and make a quick getaway.

  • If you think someone is following you, drive to the nearest police or fire station, open service station, or other open business to get help.

  • Don’t pick up hitchhikers. Don’t hitchhike yourself.

  • If you often drive at night, or alone, consider a CB radio or cellular phone to make it easier to summon help in a emergency.  

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