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    Rome New York's Leader in Teen Self Defense. Here's why:









    At Side Kicks Family Karate we offer the BEST program for Teens in the area. Our  classes will not only  teach important self-defense skills BUT also communication. Teens need to feel empowered and our program gives them that out let to excel in an environment where the work on fun drills and activities. No more lazy kids our classes will get them fit in ways you never imagined, get tough and feel great about yourself. Our programs are designed to be fun, exciting, fast- paced and benefit driven. Your self-esteem and self-confidence will begin to soar in no time.

    Our Empowering self-defense system is built into all our programs! You will learn how to effectively defend yourself against most common street attacks. Our methods are powerful, yet practical.

    Here are some of the LIFE SKILLS we focus on in our classes.

    • Unstoppable Self-Esteem

    • Powerful Self-Control

    • Building Self Respect

    • Self-Defense Skills

    • Improved Focus

    • Improved Self-Discipline

    • Respect For Others

    • Fit and Active

    • The "Yes I Can" Winning Attitude

    Everybody deserves to feel safe where ever they go! All while you reduce your stress! More than Kicking and Punching: For those of you looking for something really fun outside the zone of kicking and punching, we offer a Japanese system combined with Kickboxing and basic grappling system to help you become well rounded. You will learn how to use these time tested Martial Arts weapons effectively and safely. Our programs are designed to be fun, exciting fast paced and benefit driven. We have classes for all ages and fitness levels. As you can see – we’ve got something for everybody teens or  adults.

    We have a Safe and clean facility that families can rely on for the best experience! Are staff have full CPR and first aid training as well as we follow guidelines for social interaction to give you the best program!


    We HAVE what you are looking for in a martial arts program. Pick up the phone and Get Started TODAY! (315) 339-3928

    Don't Take Our Word! Here's What the Parents of our Students Say to Us all the time:

    Side Kicks is the place to bring your child when you want them to benefit from all karate has to offer. My children have grown so much in 9 months from the life skills and physical skills they’ve learned with Sensei Brian and Senpai Joyce. The adult kickboxing class is a great workout, too. I’m glad we have the family membership.
    Katie Peach
    Katie Peach
    21:04 18 May 21
    Adult kickboxing class is super fun and a fantastic workout!!
    Lisa Vallee
    Lisa Vallee
    20:02 18 May 21
    My teenage son and daughter are actually becoming more responsible and helpful,since joining Sidekicks.That and the fact they are learning self-defense, is well worth the money.
    Mike Bizel
    Mike Bizel
    19:46 18 May 21
    Kassady has a blast, and after months of trying to get our son LJ on the mat- he now begs to go to karate!!!! such an amazing family oriented place! 🥋❤️💙
    Megan Paternoster
    Megan Paternoster
    16:51 18 Dec 20
    Side Kicks Karate is such a family focused business! It's a program that teaches so much more than the physical kicking and fighting. Their focus is making sure the children can be the best they can be by teaching them self confidence and to believe in themselves! And the list just goes on! Teaches the whole family not just the children. It's a family oriented place and you become part of a wide spread side kicks family!
    BillieJo Janes
    BillieJo Janes
    14:22 19 Feb 20