Parent Night Out Events

Parents Every month we host a Parent Night Out Themed Event for our students and members of our community!

Parents enjoy a quiet night at home or a night out on the town!

Sit back and relax..... We got this!!! Everything is structured and planned from start to finish - zero downtime.

 Our Fun Parent Night Out's are filled with so much fun. Your child will have a BLAST,  playing cool activities and games.  All events serve Snacks and Drinks to our guests. It will be a night to remember.

Our goal is to provide an amazing experience for everyone.

#1- We put SAFETY FIRST with everything we do. All our staff are to go CPR and intensive Child Development Training for your family's care.

#2- We want to make sure you and your child love what we have to offer that if you are not 100% happy we will do our best to make it right!

Are events are filled with fun and joy, as it is also a great learning experience for everyone!!!!


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