Healthy Self-Defense

An important way of showing self-respect is by taking care of your health. This means caring for your body and your mind. Having a healthy body helps you have a healthy mind, and vice versa. Caring for your body can include exercising, eating nutritious foods, and avoiding activities that are known to be unhealthy. Our…

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The Power of Optimism

Optimism means seeing the good or hopeful aspects about a situation. It is the power of the mind to think positively, especially when conditions are difficult. An optimist is a person who looks for good in things and is certain that good things will happen. Being optimistic is a powerful way to help you accomplish…

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Giving Your Best Effort

Compassion means caring about the needs of others. Just feeling sorry for someone else is only part of compassion. Having compassion means that you are also willing to help others by taking action. True Martial Artists are compassionate and will put others’ needs before their own interests. Are you a compassionate person? Let’s review the…

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