After School Does Not Have To Be Boring

Your child will have a blast with our After School Program. Students learn Character Skills, Fitness and Fun. That is why we are everyone's favorite place after school.

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 WHY do Parents Choose us as their after school EXPERT? Here's why:

Side Kicks Family Karate will pick your child up from the Rome, NY City School District schools for an exciting afternoon of Martial Arts and Fun! When your child attends our Transported After School Karate Program we will provide more than just a place to go after school. We provide a structured, well rounded, benefit driven curriculum that kids actually love!

WE ARE NOT A DAYCARE, we are so much more!!!

Like most families we know you are on a budget. The Side Kicks After School Program provides family’s a structured program for children after school. We combine a positive after school social environment and at the same time the kids get to have fun, learn Martial Arts and make some fantastic new friends.

We are the BEST choice for YOUR child after School!

  • Self-Esteem to achieve goals and take on challenges!
  • Respectful toward parents, teachers and friends
  • The Confidence to be a leader
  • Build Social and Communication Skills
  • Fitness, Fun and Exercise
  • Leadership Skills – how to appropriately handle peer pressure!
  • Time set aside for homework or studying!

Our After School Program is designed to be fast paced, energizing and fun! We want all our students to be all that we know they can be! Our program is geared to motivate children about how fun learning can be. All of this takes place in a positive, nurturing, friendly and fun environment.

Our program, unlike after school daycare programs it includes awesome Karate classes, Fun activities and games and so much more for the same cost as After School Daycare. This makes us by far the best choice for your family. You can’t beat our program for the incredible life skills and positive benefits your children will develop. We believe that children need more structure and guidance than ever before. We are that bridge between the parents and kids that teaches the important values they need today.

NOW is the time to make the RIGHT choice for your family, call us at (315) 339-3928 to get a after school program that kicks!!!!!!!

You Can't Take MY word For It! BUT Here's What Parents Say About Our Program:

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