Tired Of The Same Old Boring Workout?

So are many other adults. Now is the time to start our Stress-killing, Fat MELTING, Muscle Building workout. Our Rome kickboxing classes at Side Kicks Family Karate are a BLAST! Enter your email to find out more about our classes and our Kickboxing Summer Offer:

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    It is time to get in the best shape of your life with a program that is a BLAST!









    Of course we all want to get in shape and become a little bit more healthy! But the truth is we have all tried some kind of workout either going to the gym or some other kind of workout program and if your like 90% of people that have tried that stuff, found that it probably did not work. Normal big box fitness routines rarely help people reach their goals, because you are just a number, and well they're BORING. And it is hard to Commit to Boring..... Feel about right? Feel like your spinning on a wheel going nowhere? Well you're setting your self up for failure! We have all been there. But....

    Our Community in Rome is finding out quickly that our Rome Kickboxing program are specially designed to help YOU reach your goals.. Over the years of training and research we have developed something amazing that you can't find anywhere else...

    I know I know there are other places to train and your right there are BUT... there is only 1 Side Kicks Family Karate. Our classes are designed to keep you motivated and engaged all to help YOU reach YOUR GOALS..

    Our High Energy Kick Butt Class Has So Many Benefits!

    • Weight Loss

    • Energy Gain

    • Self-Defense Skills

    • Improved Focus

    • Reduce Stress

    • Burn Calories

    • Fit and Active

    • Fun Adult Activity

    I want you to know the truth there is NO quick fix to losing weight with out putting in the time and effort... So stop wasting your time. Your on a roller never ending coaster.. Trust me, I we have all been there!

    But there is a solution, keep following me. You know just like everyone else that excessive is work a lot of it.... It is challenging to keep doing to same old stuff.. BUT if you want real results it will be hard, and that is why people never get started. Anxiety, fear of getting hurt or embarrassed...... Well lets STOP making excuses, JUST DO IT! It will be hard BUT I promise you will have FUN with a action packed, fat burning, high energy class that works and no one will ever make you feel like you don't belong.

    Sounds to Good Huh! But Here is What Our Members Say All The Time: