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    There Are Many Reasons WHY we are Parents BEST Choice for martial arts. Here's why:









    We have all heard how Martial Arts Classes for Kids can be a life changing experience, right? Well, we’d love the opportunity to demonstrate to you how incredible karate really is! We’ve seen literally thousands of children blossom and grow emotionally, mentally & physically while being enrolled in our age appropriate programs. Whether it's in our exciting evening classes, awesome summer camp or after school program, our students learn to become CHAMPIONS  in all aspects of their young lives.

    At Side Kicks Family Karate all of our Kids Karate Classes are exciting, fun and benefit driven! Since our classes are all age appropriate, children learn at a pace they understand. We teach Kids Karate classes that are loaded with action, excitement, and high energy! The instructors and staff at Sidekicks enjoy teaching kids and it shows because the kids think they are pretty cool

    Here are some of the LIFE SKILLS we focus on in our classes.

    • Unstoppable Self-Esteem

    • Powerful Self-Control

    • Building Self Respect

    • Self-Defense Skills

    • Improved Focus

    • Improved Self-Discipline

    • Respect For Others

    • Fit and Active

    • The "Yes I Can" Winning Attitude

    We are certified and experienced instructors and martial arts educators. We have all been professionally trained to be able to bring your child the most that Martial Arts has to offer! We are passionate about what we do. We want you to have the time of your life –all while helping you improve yourself and prepare for a successful and happy adult life.

    We have a Safe and clean facility that families can rely on for the best experience! Are staff have full CPR and first aid training as well as we follow guidelines for social interaction to give you the best program!

    Don't Take Our Word! Here's What the Parents of our Students Say to Us all the time: