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Are you ready to make that change in your life to get back to living a healthy lifestyle?!? Join Us for our 5-Week Fitness Challenge!

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Rome NY's Leader in Adult Fitness Classes. Here's why:

Our 5-week group weight loss challenge Will help you to get back into shape! There is nothing more powerful than like minded people, all working together!! lets help you to reach your fitness goals....

Our program is a BLAST!!!! It's a Combination of Fitness Kickboxing, Boxing, Heavy Bag and Ab crunching, stretching and Strength Training! As an added bonus the person with the Highest Percentage of Weight Loss in the group will receive $100 Cash Prize.

Classes Times:
Mon, Wed & Fri @ 5:30pm
Tue, Thur @ 5:15pm

You can attend unlimited classes!

We will kick off this event on Wednesday October 15th and it will run until November 16th! We will have weekly weigh-ins every week during classes
What a great way to get back into shape and have fun, with our 5-week Fitness Challenge!

 "Only 25 Spaces Available" Register Today!!

Have a great time all while getting into shape!

  • Burn more calories then you would at the regular gym
  • Build confidence while having fun
  • Learn to defend yourself
  • Full body work out every class
  • Get the results YOU deserve

I want you to know the truth there is NO quick fix to losing weight with out putting in the time and effort... So stop wasting your time. Your on a roller never ending coaster.. Trust me,  we have all been there!

But there is a solution, keep following me. You know just like everyone else that excessive is work a lot of it.... It is challenging to keep doing to same old stuff.. BUT if you want real results it will be hard, and that is why people never get started. Anxiety, fear of getting hurt or embarrassed...... Well lets STOP making excuses, JUST DO IT! It will be hard BUT I promise you will have fun with a action packed, fat burning, high energy class that works and no one will ever make you feel like you don't belong.

We HAVE what you are looking for in a martial arts program. Pick up the phone and Get Started TODAY! (315) 339-3928

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

Sounds to Good Huh! But Here is What Our Members Say All The Time:

Side Kicks is AWESOME! I love going to kickboxing! I work up a sweat in no time. Best stress reliever ever! - Katie Dellerba

I have never been much of a group exercise person, but when I received the advertisement for kickboxing classes I really wanted to try it out as I have always wanted to learn to box, but I never was able to find a class that would work for me. I tried it and now I am addicted and really look forward to my weekly classes. The workouts are definitely that a workout, but they are also lots of fun and I can already feel the difference in not just my body, but in my self-esteem and confidence. Thanks for offering these classes and can't wait until my next class!! - Heather Moore

My mom and I have been going here for awhile now for their fitness kickboxing! It's such a great experience and owned by an amazing family who truly care about their customers! If you're ever looking for a place to get into shape, challenge yourself and feel great about yourself, their fitness kick boxing is a great way to go! - Casey Borst